Terms and Conditions:

  • Dogs have innate characteristics that have external dependencies. Any guarantee outlined here or within the training service falls under this fact, and the same shall be outlined during the training.

  • Work or works includes but is not limited to training - behavior, programs, materials.

  • We refers to Anya's Dog Training.

  • Client refers to the individual or individuals who requested the training service.

  • Payment for the initial consultation must be paid in advance.

  • Payment of the plans may be paid in installments, but must be paid the Sunday of each week.


  • These terms and conditions apply to all sales and service provided by Anya's Dog Training. Any exclusions must be agreed upon in writing and are are subject to our discretion.

  • We reserve the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time with immediate effect.

  • Each clause here is independently applicable - subject to local jurisdiction and laws as they may apply.

  • We reserve the right to refuse to provide the service or create the work at our own discretion.


  • We will create and help execute the relevant portions of the work, which are limited to the animal as described in the sale.

  • There is no guarantee for behavioral work - any expectations shall be outlined in the work, but without any guarantee, and no liability shall be assumed for any consequences arising from the work, or otherwise. The behavior of any animal cannot be fully deterministic, and we do not make any claims to the contrary, therefore we do not assume any such liability.

  • We undertake the responsibility of amending the original work for the best approach as determined by us for the animal - subject to the aforementioned points.

  • The work created is for the limited use of the client - we do not permit its reproduction or redistribution, and no liability shall be assumed for any consequences arising from the same.

  • Outside of the initially agreed upon schedule of work, subject to our discretion, any changes may incur charges, especially if such changes have not been not been communicated ahead of time.